Sunday, December 6

Vintage ornaments from our Christmas tree at home...

My tree at home... a 12 footer with an angel identical to my Grandma's (she turned 100 in August)... it's not as loaded this year since we got such a big one, but it seems my collection of vintage ornaments has reached into the 100's. I love so many of them and say "oh... my favorite" about a million times as I empty the huge box. Our tradition has become mom (that's me) sitting and carefully unwrapping each treasure while Bob and each of the kids put them on the tree. That way I get to enjoy each and every ornament every year instead of just the ones I hang. I like it better that way!
My daughter, Lisa, touched my heart this year when she said that she liked the ones that were more worn the best because she thought they each had a story to tell. She's so right! Chiara (Kiki) liked the ones with pink and sparkles the best. Robbie just wanted to get it done, but was a trooper in helping with the vintage aluminum garland and the red bead garland.

This is a bit of a new and old mix. I love the little elf ski bunnies and Mr. and Mrs. Claus and shelf sitters that I bought a couple years ago at a tag sale... they are Lefton. The little pine cone elves vary in age and the two hanging on the bottom have the most beautiful vintage paper mache' faces... among my favorites.

My two little feather trees. I used to have another, but, like an idiot... I sold it... stupid, stupid, stupid! These aren't going anywhere. I have a box of really old feather tree ornaments, but I haven't gotten that far yet. Maybe later in the week. I'll try to post pictures.

A few of my little paper village houses and a mix of new and old bottle brush trees on the fireplace mantle.

My two favorite vintage japan santas. The little red brick house is new, but I still love it!



More ornaments!!!

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  1. I've always wanted a feather tree & you get to have 2 -- not fair!! We have one in the shop right now but it's not in very good shape & is still expensive. I'm still hopeing I'll walk into an estate sale & find one for $5. Love all your ornaments & I agree with your daughter on the worn ones. It may be Christmas eve before I get mine all done. Oh well!!! Jan