Wednesday, December 9

Polly Ann's Antiques is 18 years old!!! December 10th, 1991 - December 10th, 2009 and going strong!!!


The doors to our store have been open for 18 years now... it really is hard to believe that it has been that long. We started out so small and so... well... BAD! We've been growing and improving {I hope} each year and I think our little shop is looking pretty darned good these days.

It's always difficult in a mall like ours to advertise a sale because some dealers want to and some dealers simply don't... this time, everyone is participating and I couldn't be happier. Our discounts will range from 15%-25% with some items even further discounted. Some dealers do have a restriction on things being over $5 or $10. My dad {dealer "BN"} and I {#33} will be offering 25% off on all of our items $200 and under and 20% off anything over $200. That means some really great prices on some really great stuff. I'll have even further discounts on some of the larger pieces that have been around for a while.

SO>>> this weekend {starting on Thursday} through Sunday, stop by Polly Ann's and help us celebrate our 18th anniversary!!!

Sale hours: Thursday 10am-8pm, Friday & Saturday 10-5 and Sunday noon-5pm


  1. Congratulations on 18 years pretty Polly!!! (yes, I've also heard that one a time or two!) Hope your anniversary event is awesome!


  2. YAY POLLY and BOB!!! Congrats on your success and your beautiful store, which is more and more lovely every time I see it! XOXO Julie

  3. 18 years is a long time to keep a business up and running. You've certainly done a great job. Keep up the good work. Jan