Sunday, December 13

The anniversary sale was a success!!!

A huge thank you to everyone who came to support us during our anniversary sale. We had a wonderful few days and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful customers. I didn't get to be there for the whole things, but I need to thank Sarah and Matt {especially for the great hug, Sarah}, Daryl and Colleen {I didn't get to see these two wonderful people, but they came, they shopped and most importantly, they brought me chocolate truffles!!!}, Cindy {sorry I missed you}, Kathy {who stopped and shopped twice!}, Dorothy and her family who I was so very excited to see... there are so many more, but these I can recall off the top of my head.
My daddy was such a huge help and is such a wonderful guy. He's my biggest fan and I am so very blessed that he and I got a second chance as adults to be the wonderful friends that we are today.

I love my daddy so much!!!


  1. How lucky to have a dad around to help you out and is a pleasure to be with. He's also darn good help in the shop and with your customers. Enjoy him. Glad you had a great weekend. Jan

  2. I love your Dad too... You are both so very blessed, to have each other...
    Barb C.