Tuesday, April 13

Wow, what a show!

I guess you could say I cam as close to selling out as I ever have at a show... furniture-wise, anyway! We showed up at the show with a full truck, full trailer and full jeep and we left with two pieces to deliver in the truck and a couple things in the trailer. The jeep was empty and Bob was a little nervous about how things were going to ride in the trailer since things were packed so loosely. We sold all of our big pieces and I can not tell you how relieved I was about that as I honestly didn't know where I was going to put them if I had to bring them home. The shop is jam packed... with awesome stuff, of course, the workshop is full of projects and the garage at home has a tiny little path to walk through. What a relief to not have to be worrying about where it was all going to go.

I'm so excited about this season for antiquing. Shoppers have been out in full force and most of them are quite discerning and are looking for the best deal they can find. We're fortunate that we sort of specialize in affordable, functional things that have great character. Just about anyone can walk into our booth at a show or to our shop and find something wonderful and useful that they can easily afford. So many people commented about how reasonable our prices were at the show. Two women actually came up to me and thanked me for my reasonable prices. They said "we can really shop here".

I have to admit that sometimes my prices tend to creep up a bit. It's a supply and demand thing, just like so many things. I am pleased to say that right now is NOT one of those times. I have plenty of supply and am thankful that the demand is good, too. The turnover at the shop is good and I am really enjoying getting to "play house" and rearrange when there are holes to fill in.

Well, my kids are at it again... time to go crack the whip... later


  1. Glad the show was a good one. Things have been good at Leola's this month too. Thank heavens! You're also lucky that you have lots of inventory. We're always struggling to find merchandise. Hope it stays busy. Jan

  2. Hey Polly!
    I will whole heartedly agree with the Mid West Show! Mark said I should have 'writer's cramp', from writing sooo many tickets! It was a great show, and people stayed around, almost the entire time... You had great stuff, and I think you are figuring out the show's look... I guess bottom line, you have to have something for everyone, like your store does...
    Great Job!
    Barb C.