Saturday, April 24

What a find!!!

I bought this wonderful little crock on ebay this morning. I have a big collection of "Polly" items and just a few "Polly Ann" items. This one will be a treasure right up there with my vintage book titled "Polly and Bob". I can't wait to get it in the mail and put it with my local stoneware advertising pieces. It's just perfect for me. I'm a lucky, lucky girl!!!


  1. OMG! OMG!!!!! LOVE IT!!! I always look for "Polly" stuff too! I have a collection of old books with Polly in the title, and also a couple of vintage "polly wogs" candy tins!!

    It's really cute Polly!


    The other Polly

  2. How cute is that!!!! Don't think I'll have much luck with Jan but maybe I'll try my last name. So glad it's getting busier in your shop. Hope it will be a good summer for all of us. Jan

  3. Hey Sweetie!
    Thanks for stoppin by the booth, at Gold Rush... I came to see you, and missed ya! I have been so 'on the run', that I haven't been able to see sraight! We must get together... and have a little FUN!!!!
    My Love To You, My Sweet!
    Barb C.