Monday, April 5

Quilts and a camelback...

Bob and I went to an auction on Saturday and had a BLAST! We filled the trailer and the truck again and brought home a big ole' load of goodies... among them were this nice camelback sofa, a matching victorian walnut chair done in a mauve velvet that is really in nice shape, and these three quilts. I'm in love with the one that is soft pinks and greens. I think I'll have to find a place at home where I can enjoy that one for a while. The purple background double wedding ring one is in really nice shape, too. It's hand pieced and machine quilted as is the other one... anyone know the pattern name for the one with the cream background? It has appliqued blocks and has blanket stitching around the circles. It's an unusual one and I don't think it has ever been used either.
I'm hoping to get more pictures taken tomorrow and Wednesday. I'll post them when I can.

Friday morning I made a trip down to The Junk Asylum to get started creating my booth there. I haven't had great luck as a dealer elsewhere in the past as I'm not very good at getting there to service my booths. I'm excited about this one and am challenging myself to do a good job for Lorie and make it a profitable experience. She certainly gets good traffic, so if I'm not successful, I'll know that it is my fault and not hers. I got all of the furniture set and took a few linens and smalls, but I've got to take a load of smalls down on Wednesday.

Tomorrow my friend Conni and I are going to spend the day together to celebrate her birthday... a long overdue celebration, as her birthday was February 18th!!! Yikes! I have absolutely no business not working tomorrow, but I have put this off so many times and I just can't do it again. She's such a great friend and a huge help to me at the shop and with keeping me sane when my life gets crazy.

I've got a really busy end of the week as our set up is Saturday at noon for the Collector's Eye show. I have some really fun things that I want to take... in fact, the list I have is making me dizzy. There is no way that I can get all the cool stuff in that I want to take. I'm going to try to take the cream of the crop and make it a huge success of a show for me. Wish me luck. I'll be working in the shop on Thursday and will be cleaning and pricing new stuff that I don't get to after I get back from Lorie's on Wednesday. Friday will be devoted to getting loaded for the show and tying up loose ends with all my other craziness.

I'm exhausted and heading to bed early tonight. Look for more pictures in the next couple days, or, better yet, stop by the shop and the show this weekend and check it all out in person! If you do that, please make sure you introduce yourself to me!

Make it a good one... Polly

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