Wednesday, April 27

Projects and springtime...

This was one of the projects I completed yesterday. Have I ever mentioned that I have hundreds and hundreds of frames and hundreds and hundreds of prints. Sometimes I don't know where to start, but yesterday these two little girls spoke to me... maybe they remind me in some way of my own girls. This was a magazine cover from July 1934 that someone had saved in a scrapbook. I couldn't find a frame quickly that would fit it just right, but I had this black one and I knew it would make it pop... then I need to figure out how to bridge the gap. I didn't want to mat it as matting somehow makes it look too new for me, so I dug out one of my old wallpaper sample books and found this sweet little floral print that brought it all together... for me anyway. I hope you like it, too!!!
Have a fantastic Wednesday and may the sun be shining where you are, cuz it sho ain't shinin' here!!!

1 comment:

  1. love the picture. you were right on the wall paper did the trick perfectly.
    ain't no sun here either

    have a good anyway Ginger