Monday, January 23

A new slogan...

Polly Ann's... because there's no place like home...
this is my new slogan for Polly Ann's... my 20 year old antique store... I'd love to know what you think!

So... this is the house that our house is designed after! It was Country Living's House of the Year in 1992... Someday ours will look more like this, but for now, we are on the 13 year plan and aren't finished yet. Our siding is vinyl and is a creamy color. Someday my door will be either magenta or red (haven't decided yet) and we will have close to the same design on our porch. I've got the stonework half finished (it's been that way since Bob's mom got sick in 2004). My goal is to get the porch and door done this summer. Wish me luck... So many projects, so little time!!!

1 comment:

  1. So, how did the construction of your house go? I hope your house turned out exactly like or close to your inspiration! Green siding is very interesting. I don’t see a lot of houses using this color as many don’t really go with it. If you went with the exact color in the picture, then I think it’s a really beautiful shade. The shade rests between bright and cool, which makes the house easy to look at.

    -- Becky Steele