Thursday, February 25

I need motivation!!!

I finally sold my fireplace mantle last week! February in Iowa has taken it's toll on my motivation. The mantle is the first significant piece I've sold this month... that's sort of typical of February, but not this bad. I finally have a blank wall that I can do something with. I've been bringing things into the shop, but nothing has been going out and that makes it really difficult for me to do my thing. I'm looking so forward to bringing up a big wardrobe out of the workshop tomorrow. I spent part of the day today trying to match some really old painting techniques on this wardrobe. It is missing its crown and Bob cut a new one and I tried to make it look better than it did without one. I still have a few more steps before it's finished... hopefully I can get it done quickly in the morning and Bob can haul it upstairs for me to play with. These are a couple of before pictures... I tried to make the crown match the mottled look on the door panels. I know it won't look perfect, but hopefully it will be a step in the right direction. I'll try to post a picture or two of the finished display when I get it done.


  1. Great piece!
    Love the scroll detail on the door.

    Kimberly :-)

  2. Hi Polly,

    Hang in there. Winter is usually tough, but this one seems extra slow, but Spring is just around the corner.. or we can only hope. I enjoy your blog.

    Keep Warm,

  3. This has been a tough winter. We scheduled a Spring Open House for the 1st of March so we've had to get motivated. We can tell people are anxious to get out. Good luck! Jan